My year in food (what else?!)

Screen Shot 2016-12-30 at 14.07.22.pngOn scrolling through my Instagram feed it’s apparent that I’ve eaten and cooked a helluva lot of food this year. Who knew it was such a big thing for me?! My #2016bestnine (left) was a bit of a surprise but I suppose that’s the power of the hashtag! So here’s a round up of some of my own favourite foodie experiences of 2016 from what I’ve cooked to what I’ve eaten in London, across the UK and further afield. Narrowing a fab food year down was pretty tough so check out my Instagram for even more delectable dishes.


2016 has been the first full year of this blog and also the year that Ruby & Pickles launched – our Indian-inspired supperclub series. On top of all that I took on a new job working in Cardiff half the time which means balancing work, life and side projects is often tricky and I’m certainly not in the kitchen nearly as much as I’d like to be. That said, I’ve still managed to create several dishes that I’m wickedly proud of.

Words can’t describe how great the Ruby & Pickles  vegan afternoon tea was. Not blowing my own trumpet but have you seen what we made?! We’ll be bringing this event back in 2017.


Pumpkin macaroni cheese may just be the stuff that vegan dreams are made of.


Vegetable samosas are my go-to home-cooking comfort food. Just don’t judge my non-round chapatis (I’m only half-Indian after all…).


If you don’t like momos we can’t be friends.


I’ve got pretty boss skills in the brunch department. So boss it was hard to choose one of my faves so I chose the most recent.


Vegan haggis sausage rolls. Yeah I went there, and it was good. Soooo good.



Roasts and burgers have very much been my thing this year having done posts rounding up the top options across London for both. However I’ve managed to find plenty of time to eat my way around all the other food!

Club Mexicana‘s tofish tacos are like crack for vegans. But in a good won’t ruin your life (but potentially your relationships and bank balance) kind of way.

Oh my vegan life. What a night! Not only did I eat ALL the vegan food at the launch of @kerbfood #kerbcamden alongside my @rubyandpickles buddy Jasel but I also met some of my fave vegans from the internet (they're real in real life too!!) So much love for @guacandrolluk @stop_hannahtime @jenniams @yesitsallvegan @pomodoro_e_basilico @theveganronin. Great to finally meet you all! Much love to the @clubmexicana crew who made this delightful vegan to-fish taco 😍😍🙌🏽. Expect to find me chomping down your burritos tomorrow night at @streetfeastldn #modelmarket 🌱💚🙌🏽 #vegansofig #whatveganseat #veganbloggers #ukvegans #veganism #govegan #plantpower #bestofvegan #londonvegan #vegansofldn #veganlondon #veganfood #vegan #vegetarian #plantbased #veganfoodshare #veganpics #streetfood

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What the Pitta! is so frigging tasty that I actually can’t even talk about it without getting emotional.


Pomodoro e Basilico are the absolute queens of vegan burgers in London. ‘Nuff said.


This tofu bowl from Viet Box in Pop Brixton almost blew my mind it was so full of flavours.


A vegan that doesn’t love CookDaily (and Home) can revoke their vegan card right now.


The Oatly vegan Christmas dinner was a great way to end the year on a high – delicious food, fab company and free goodies!


Cafe Van Gogh joined the vegan food scene this year and continually impresses me with their great value food including a totally comforting Sunday roast.


Never have leaves been so sexy until you try out a meal by The Herb Lab.


Masala Wala Cafe make curry that brings a tear to my eye. Not in a sad way, but in an oh-my-gosh this is proper home cooking and I want you to feed me forever way!



I’ve written about Cardiff’s many top vegan dishes but given how much time I spend there it’d be rude not to specifically highlight some of my fave foods in my second home.

I’ve got a mild obsession with Falafel Wales which is dangerously close to my Cardiff digs. It’s ridiculously cheap so I’m never in danger of breaking the bank and there’s always sometimes leftovers for lunch.


Everything at Anna-Loka is sublime but the seitan burger – wow, just wow. NB: cannot be eaten in a classy way.


Bar44 really impressed me with their dedicated vegan menu. I could mainline those padron peppers!


Dusty Knuckle always have one vegan pizza on their menu and it’s always delicious. Plus the chilli sauces by Chris Fowler are the spicy cherry on the pizza pie.



The vegan fish & chips made from aubergine at Daylight Robbery in Edinburgh is quite possibly the best I’ve had.


So many more great options in Edinburgh that I wrote a blog post on the city’s top vegan food.


International tapas at Root Candi is just one of about four million rad vegan options in Brighton. 2017 resolution: must visit there more often.


Yup, another burger but you absolutely cannot beat Annie’s Burger Shack in Nottingham where all 40+ burgers can be made vegan!



The vegan tapas at Rassoterra in Barcelona was just one of many a dreamy meal had there.


Finding Little Ethiopia in Antwerp was like that bit when the wise men find Jesus. But better.


Moon Food in Brussels answered all of vegan lunch prayers with their dangerous weigh-your-own lunch.


Going to Chilimosa in Tarifa, Andalucia was a pretty awesome way to spend my birthday. That and the Bloody Marys since breakfast!


The brunch at Kalaset in Copenhagen was just one of many a fab vegan meal I had there. That city is basically perfect!


Scrap that, I think Sicily might be the best place ever. I ate ALL the vegan food at La Cocini dei Coloroi.

Maybe the best meal of the holiday! Veggie vegan restaurant La Cucina dei Coloroi in Catania which I'd eyed up earlier, not knowing that T had secretly booked it. We were for a mixed plate each which we then shared so got to sample 8 fine vegan dishes: millet balls, cabbage arancini, fava bean pasta, tofu with tomato & fennel, breaded seitan, veg packed panelle, potatoes & tenerumi veg with chilli, onion & carrot. Oh oh oh so dreamy! Followed by almond pudding and almond cake with chocolate sauce. All washed down with tasty prosecco. Sad to only have one more dinner in Sicily. #vegansofig #whatveganseat #veganbloggers #bestofvegan #veganfood #vegan #vegetarian #plantbased #veganfoodshare #veganpics #italy #sicily #catania #italianvegan #vegansofitaly #travelling #travelpics #vegantravel #vegantraveller #veganholiday

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This vegan arancini in Syracusa was pretty life-changing.


And that’s been some of my 2016 in food. Here’s to many more opportunities to make and eat tasty vegan scran in 2017!



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