Vegetarian haggis 10 ways

Haggis.pngVegetarian and vegan haggis is a healthy, hearty alternative that can be enjoyed well beyond Burns Night and in even more ways than Rabbie B could tell a woman that he loved them! 

As the day approaches to celebrate and enjoy the great chieftain o the puddin’-race – that’s Haggis to the non-Robert Burns aficionados – I wanted to share some of the many ways that I enjoy haggis.

Now don’t be put off by the tales of blood and guts and bits that send even omnimores in to a panic. I’m talking the hearty, peppery, lentil-packed, nutty, oaty veggie version. It’s a brilliant meat-free alternative, packed full of protein from the lentils, nuts and beans, and is really adaptable to many a dish.

You can make your own – my recipe is super simple – or get a packet one, commonly available in Scotland but usually only around Burns Night (25 Jan) and St. Andrew’s Day (30 Nov) in other parts of the UK/world.

Traditionally haggis is served with neeps and tatties (mashed turnips and potatoes). Maybe leftfield with some leek or spring onion. But this round up shows ten top ways to enjoy vegan haggis.

Haggis pakora

Being half-Scottish half-Indian this is a no brainer. Super simple balls of haggis deep-fried in a gram flour based batter. We served them up at a recent Ruby & Pickles supperclub to very, very happy diners. The recipe for haggis pakora is also on my blog.


For breakfast

The Auld Hoose in Edinburgh include haggis in their banging vegan fry up but it’s also easy to make yourself. Mould into a round patty and fry or grill. Serve with a tattie scone, maybe even in a roll, with lashings of brown sauce for a true Scottish experience.


In a baked potato

Yet another Edinburgh establishment leads the way here: The Baked Potato Shop which is 100% veggie vegan. The haggis is one of their killer toppings and one of these bad boys will keep you fueled for hours, if not days!


Haggis pasta

Haggis is a great substitute for mince and can be crumbled into a bolognese-style sauce or as I’ve done here, battered and then cut into chunks to top a creamy pasta dish.


Haggis pizza

Once you’ve had this you’ll question why it wasn’t in your life sooner. I like to make a potato base (mashed potato, flour and herbs) if I have spare tatties too. Top with cruciferous veg like kale and broccoli or go deep and spicy with peppers, tomatoes and chillies.


Haggis burger

A fairly common veggie burger choice in Scotland including at Holyrood 9A and Red Squirrel in Edinburgh and this monster from Fennel Restaurant in Inverurie. Don’t make plans for after demolishing this as you’ll need some time to get out of your food coma.


Deep-fried with chips

Yup. Couldn’t get more Scottish if you tried. Vegan haggis is available at Hooked chippy in Glasgow, served with chips and fritters for that double carb load up.


Haggis sandwich

North London’s Scottish cafe Deeney’s has recently introduced a vegan haggis with avocado and mustard in toasted sourdough proving that vegan sandwiches don’t have to be dull.

Had an amazing breakfast today. Deeney's are doing haggis sandwich. The Lady Macbeth can be veganized!! 🙌 Vegan haggis, avocado, greens and mustard on sourdough! So great!! Even better when accompanied by a big fluffy soy Cappuccino! ☕ Frühstück in Leyton! Bevor es zum tättowieren geht (Mal wieder… 😪), gab es leckeres veganes Haggis Sandwich. So sieht gute Stärkung aus. Chagga! 😏 #london #leyton #livelife #lovelife #lovemybike #cyclinglondon #prettylittlelondon #londonlife #londonist #worklifebalance #breakfast #whatveganseat #vegan #coffeeshop #independent #beautyoftheworld #traveller #runner #travellersworld #runnersworld #foodie #veganrunner #vegancyclist #veganfoodshare @vegansofldn @deeneys #vegantravel #veganhaggis #carbup

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Haggis sausage rolls

This picnic snack of dreams can be made with just some puff pastry and leftover haggis. Willpower also required so that the whole batch isn’t inhaled at once.


Haggis and mash pie

Second to deep-frying, Scots are champions at putting food stuffs in pies. Top is clearly macaroni, closely followed by haggis. Cool Jerk Vegan Pies in Glasgow (and often at UK-wide events including VegFest) does a mean haggis and mash pie.


Remember haggis is for life, not just for Burns Night.

Do you like haggis? Have you had a veggie/vegan one anywhere really great? What’s your favourite way to have haggis?  Or is there something you’d like to try out?



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