Two years of being vegan

Happy veganniversary to me! Yes, I know that’s a stupid made up word but this is the internet so there are no rules.

Today marks the second anniversary since I turned vegan. It’s an arbitrary date as May 2015 was the month that I started a one month vegan challenge following an indulgent trip to Brazil that consisted of a lot of bread and even more cheese. When June rolled round I kept on going with the plant-based diet and over the next few months as I learnt more I took on the other aspects of veganism that removes all animal harm from your lifestyle, not just diet.

Fruit market in Sao Paulo, Feb 2015 (pre-vegan)

It took me a while to self-identify as a vegan, given that I knew it wasn’t a term to be bandied about lightly. So technically there will be a date slightly later in 2015 that I became ‘full vegan’ but I don’t know it so have 1 May as my veganniversary.

A lot has happened since then. I wrote about most of it on my recent two year blog-iversary including becoming an active part of the online vegan community and meeting some awesome vegans IRL as well as co-founding Ruby & Pickles  – a predominantly vegan food venture and now writing for focusing mainly on vegan issues.

I am now working on ideas for some purely vegan activities starting with a screening of Simon Amstell’s film Carnage plus a stall at Leicester Vegan Market – both next month and both with my vegan gal pal Charlie-May. These activities are all part of a drive to focus more of my life on supporting veganism which I’ll talk more about in a future post…

Image copyright: BBC

I’ve also (obviously) eaten a helluva lot of delicious vegan food and fawned over even more on Instagram. Although this past year has seen the hours I spend in the kitchen creating new dishes diminish. So I’m looking forward to getting that back up soon when I have more time on my hands as that’s what this blog was set up for just over two years ago.

I initially had plans to go today for a day of trying loads of places I haven’t been but as I slowly progress into a more freelance world I’ve had to work all day.

However, I’ve still had some pretty tasty food including a boss breakfast (one of my fave meals always), trying my hand at Dorito-coated tofu plus heaps of veg, Nakd bar testing (soz, I didn’t like the lemon drizzle one) and then finally headed to one of my fave pubs for dinner for an amazing seitan avocado burger with chunky chips – all shown below.

Here’s to many more years of veganism!


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