ManíLife: the peanut butter that IS life

ManíLife is a peanut butter brand that is about to take the UK by storm and which I featured in a top 20 peanut butter list on Those lucky people that have been in the know for some time resolutely swear by the stuff. 

Take it from me as someone who was never that fussed by peanut butter but can now happily eat this out the jar: this is good s**t.

File_001.jpegCreated by young entrepreneur Stuart Macdonald after a trip to Argentina this brand has gone from being created in small batches in friends’ kitchen to now being produced at scale and sold across the UK and online.

Here are just some reasons why you need ManíLife in your life. Note, this is NOT a sponsored post. I just have a mild severe addiction to this stuff and want everyone else to know about it!

The taste is out of this world

There are a lot of peanut butters jostling the market these days but this one is something special. In the words of Stuart  ManíLife is ‘trying to put the crack back in to peanut butter’.

I was hooked when I first tried it and even in a blind taste test with other brands the deep-roasted came out top for me. ManíLife is made with hi-oelic peanuts which offer a unique and naturally sweet but salted taste that will excite your tastebuds and make you never look at another peanut butter again.

All three flavours – original, smooth and deep-roast – deserve a place in any peanut butter lovers kitchen. The original is great for cooking and the smooth goes down a treat in sweet desserts.The deep-roasted was created by accident when they accidentally burnt a batch of nuts. Probably one of the best culinary errors of all time.

ManíLife is an independent business that is trying to do some good in the world

The story behind the brand is almost as important as how incredible ManíLife tastes. Stuart told us: ‘ManíLife is all about craft and community. We source the best from one farm in Argentina and we blitz and blend these beauties fresh in small batches every week in London.’

Stuart has a bold vision.

‘Peanut butter nutritionally is super powerful,’ Stuart said. ‘I want to work with community kitchens [providing products for their use] but I want it to go further. I want everyone to understand it can be a nutritional ingredient and the importance of cooking meals. This can have real impact on people’s wellbeing like it does in Argentina.’

Presentation photo 7.jpg

Creating peanut butter can be a craft

Just like coffee and chocolate making peanut butter is a craft. Stuart explains ‘we’re inspired by the coffee and chocolate industry in how we think about our products. Coffee is just coffee: the difference is largely in what you do with it. Product wise we don’t just think ingredients, we think roasts and blend.’

The results speak for themselves. 

It is great in cooking

The ManíLife website features some top recipes from peanut butter satay to peanut butter parfait –  a personal favourite of Stuart’s. ‘It sounds embarrassingly middle class but the parfait is class. It’s basically a mix match of coconut yoghurt, granola, berries, shedloads of ManílLife and oats. It fills you up, it’s delicious, it’s easy and by all regards it’s bloody good for you.’

Hundreds of ManíLifers help spread their love of the brand

ManíLifers are essentially brand ambassadors with an absolute love – or even obsession – for ManíLife. They work at events, get involved in brand decisions, promote the products and of course sell the jars of peanut goodness.

They are given three extra jars free with every order that they can give out to someone that deserves it. Stuart says ‘The hope is that this will get our stuff into the hands of people who’ve either had a bad day or those who can’t afford it.’

You can get your hands on ManíLife via their website or at a number of stockists as listed on their website.

presentation photo 6.jpgAll images © Double Three TV



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