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As a baby chilling out was the priority!I hail from the land of deep-fried pizza and Irn Bru (Scotland), but was brought up by my Indian father who cooked for a living, which has inspired my passion for food.

I’m now a Scottish exile, living in that there London. A brilliant city to savour flavours from across the globe, albeit at often-inflated prices. I am one half of duo Ruby & Pickles who launched our supperclub series in London in early 2016, bringing creative Indian-inspired vegetarian and vegan food to London. I also write about food and other happenings in London – have a look at some of them on my other work page.

I started this blog in March 2015 as a desire to fuel my passion for food and kickstart projects I’d always dreamed of – check out my first post with more background info.

I grew up with food being central to my life, having a chef as a father. I turned vegetarian at the age of eight, and whilst I dabbled in the dark stuff for a bit through university, I was well and truly veggie again for years before finally turning vegan in May 2015. Check out the tips page for posts on that.

I’m an advocate for balanced and healthy eating, whilst still enjoying treats and not being too strict about anything so you will see a variety of recipes on the blog.

Even though the blog is called Sareta’s Kitchen, it’s not just about what happens in my kitchen, but what inspires me in my kitchen: my thoughts on current food trends or eateries; food habits and interests; and recipes or other bloggers/sites that have influenced me. There are a whole series of posts on eating out – check out the travel and review cloud tags for links to these.

If you’d like to get in touch about anything foodie or travel related please do so via the box below.


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