Tofu and vegetable kebabs recipe

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Cassava in garlic sauce recipe

20170416_174748Cassava, yam, yucca. Call it what you want. Cover it in garlic and you have a banging tapas dish or side. This might be the simplest recipe I’ve ever written.

I had this whilst on holiday in Andalusia and was instantly in love. We didn’t even know what we were ordering as everything was in Spanish – but it was ok as they had delighted green Vs for vegan so we took a chance. Previously my only experiences with cassava had been in Indian or Caribbean style curries, Continue reading

Seitan tacos recipe

Seitan tacosAll hail seitan! One of the commonly used phrases in the modernist vegan lexicon.

Seitan is something I’ve only become familiar with the in the past year or so as it slowly begins appearing on more menus and is available in more shops. If you don’t already know seitan is wheat gluten. That might not sound so appealing but similar to tofu and tempeh it can take on all sorts of flavours and textures.  It’s commonly eaten in eastern Nepal and Tibet where plants equal power.  Continue reading

Two years of Sareta’s Kitchen

Two years ago I started this humble little blog to channel my passions for food and writing.

I feel like the last twelve months have flown by and that I haven’t achieved much but then I have to stop myself and yell FIX UP (look sharp). This time last year I was feeling unmotivated and disengaged with my day job so I started Ruby & Pickles with pal Jasel as my first proper passion project – as announced on my first blogiversary. Continue reading

Chickpea & red pepper loaf recipe

roastMy go to Sunday roast recipe is an adaptation from a nut roast that I learnt from my very first vegetarian cookbook: Linda McCartney on Tour It is still a favourite but flicking through it nowadays shows just how much veggie and vegan food has come on since the ’90s. It isn’t all nut loafs and lentil lasagnes.

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Vegetable filo pastry tart

filo-tartI absolutely love filo pastry – it’s so easy to use and adaptable. Making a tart is one of the simplest things you can do as you just lay out the pastry and top with your preferred ingredients. The recipe below can therefore be mixed up to suit whatever your mood – or kitchen contents!

Don’t be sparse on toppings. Not only will they reduce when cooked but a totally packed tart Continue reading