Chickpea & red pepper loaf recipe

roastMy go to Sunday roast recipe is an adaptation from a nut roast that I learnt from my very first vegetarian cookbook: Linda McCartney on Tour It is still a favourite but flicking through it nowadays shows just how much veggie and vegan food has come on since the ’90s. It isn’t all nut loafs and lentil lasagnes.

Linda now has to jostle for space alongside Anjum Anand’s delightful Indian Vegetarian Feast, Continue reading

Vegetable filo pastry tart

filo-tartI absolutely love filo pastry – it’s so easy to use and adaptable. Making a tart is one of the simplest things you can do as you just lay out the pastry and top with your preferred ingredients. The recipe below can therefore be mixed up to suit whatever your mood – or kitchen contents!

Don’t be sparse on toppings. Not only will they reduce when cooked but a totally packed tart Continue reading

Vegan adventures in Cardiff part 2 

Chaiholics.pngAs per usual my best intentions for writing were overtaken by other priorities such as actual work (I know, right?) and Netflix. C’mon, it’s winter. I’ll reintegrate into normality come March. Ok, April.

My previous – and only, gulp – post on vegan eats in Wales – really just Cardiff – outlined just some of the great places to get vegan scran in a place that some might think would be limited in choice. Continue reading

Irn bru pulled jackfruit recipe

IMG-20170205-WA0003.jpgIrn bru pulled jackfruit is one of those sentences that won’t make much sense to a lot of people.

Jackfruit has been rocking it as vegan food royalty for a few years now. It’s stringy, tender texture means it’s often used as a meat replacement, most usually as a pulled pork alternative. Having never had the real deal, I wasn’t sure what I was meant to taste the first time I had it but I really enjoyed it (Club Mexicana ftw). It’s fairly plain in taste so can take on most flavours. Continue reading

Spiced lentil, leek and kale soup recipe

Lentil leek kale soup.pngCreated for the recent Ruby & Pickles Indo-Scots fusion Burns Supper, this soup combines traditional Scottish ingredients with Indian flavours to create a hearty, warming dal-like soup. We wanted something that was similar enough to what is traditionally served at this Scottish celebratory night, but as always with our own special twist! At first I wasn’t so convinced by doing a soup but then I practiced this recipe a couple of weekends before and I was actually blown away. Continue reading

Vegetarian haggis 10 ways

Haggis.pngVegetarian and vegan haggis is a healthy, hearty alternative that can be enjoyed well beyond Burns Night and in even more ways than Rabbie B could tell a woman that he loved them! 

As the day approaches to celebrate and enjoy the great chieftain o the puddin’-race – that’s Haggis to the non-Robert Burns aficionados – I wanted to share some of the many ways that I enjoy haggis. Continue reading