Cauliflower wings recipe

Cauliflower is often remembered as the stuff of childhood nightmares. Bland, overcooked and just plain old meh. But recently there’s been a bit of a cauliflower renaissance and we now live in a world of cauliflower rice, cauliflower steak and cauliflower wings. And not only is cauliflower verging on being ‘on trend’ but it also packs an unexpected punch of vitamins and minerals – providing up to 77% of your daily vitamin C requirement. Take that, broccoli! Continue reading

Vegan adventures in Wales

IMG_3849At the end of May I took on a new role at work that’s going to see me working in Cardiff, or elsewhere in Wales, roughly half week until March. Whilst being away from home means unsettling my routine, friendships, relationships and can be quite tiring, I not only want to make the most of the professional opportunity but also of exploring a new place and what it has to offer. Clearly, the first thing being food! So over the past two months I’ve started to compile my Vegan Adventures in Wales, noting and photograph Continue reading

Meatballs in a smoky paprika sauce 

This is yet another one of my impromptu meals, made as an accompaniment to a delicious green veg risotto Tristan made when we had a pal staying recently. I was floating round the kitchen trying not to interfere (it’s so hard!) and decided a little protein-based side wouldn’t go a miss. Et voila, the meatballs were born!
I’m staying at my sister’s this week and always like to show them tasty, simple home cooking so decided to have a go again. This time jotting down the recipe so I could share it with you. Continue reading

Crustless tofu quiche recipe

IMG_6782I have made tofu quiche before but this one is not only crustless but I also I added some of my current foodie obsessions including nutritional yeast (commonly known as nooch) and kala namak (Indian black salt – available in pretty much all Asian food stores) which has a really sulfuric almost eggy taste. If you don’t have kala namak or don’t like it, you can omit it. The nooch will give it a bit of an eggy taste too. Continue reading

Sweetcorn fritters recipe

IMG_4483I had quite an obsession with sweetcorn when I was wee. I could easily neck a whole tin of Jolly Green whilst my dad’s back was turned, and I think I held the local record for speed demolishing a corn on the cob. During my student days, Tesco Value sweetcorn was a frequent meal – maybe with some pasta if I was feeling wild/rich, and when I wasn’t as adventurous with my veggies my favourite pizza topping was just sweetcorn (which I now think is a tad weird but hey, we’e all been 16). Continue reading

Birycini recipe (Indian risotto balls)

R&P 16th June-0148 copyThe supperclub that I co-run, Ruby & Pickles, is all about fusion cooking. We take dishes from around that the world that we enjoy and we give them our own twist using the flavours and spices of our Indian background.

So when we hosted a Mediterranean summer feast last week, I was feeling particularly inspired by my recent trip to Sicily. and had a wild notion that we could mix up one of my favourite Sicilian street food snacks, arancini risotto balls, with traditional Indian dish of mixed rice, biryani. Continue reading

Spiced vegetable & chickpea ratatouille recipe

IMG_4080For the second Ruby & Pickles supperclub – our Mediterranean Feast in June – we decided to go for one main with loads of fresh, summer sides. Ratatouille is a classic French dish of stewed vegetables which is fairly simple. There aren’t many herbs or spices used traditionally but we decided to spice things up a bit and give this dish a twist. Both Jasel and I experimented with a few recipes ahead of the event and on the day came up with something that was a combination of both techniques, utilising our tastebuds Continue reading