Cashew nut cream recipe

Cashew cream.jpgMy first official recipe as a freelancer! Although I have to confess to slightly cheating as I did write this up last week but only got round to the final editing and scheduling on Sunday night. But what better way to start the week than a taco pic and dreams of cashew cream?!

I’ve made this delectable drizzle for a couple of Ruby & Pickles events. Firstly for our Indian tapas evening where I adapted an Anjum Anand recipe of pistachio dressing to include cashews instead. Then I recreated it for our first birthday celebrations a couple of weekends ago where it was served on top of Indian tacos of kidney bean curry (recipe in last post) topped with pickled red cabbage, tomato chutney and this cream.
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The great escape

DSCN7271 copyThe day has finally come. The day that I go freelance (you’re not actually allowed to spend more than five years in London without at least once trying this). Or as one friend has put it: to escape grey.

Said friend and quasi-former colleague Gill (we never actually worked in the same place at the same time) said some very inspiring things when she decided to jack in her safe charity sector job to work on what Continue reading

Rajma masala (kidney bean curry) recipe

Rajma masala was one of my favourite dishes growing up. We probably ate kidney beans in my house more regularly than chickpeas which are now my go to legume. In fact, I think I might actually be part-chickpea.

After declaring I was vegetarian aged eight after solving together the pig = bacon equation my dad had to make veggie curries like this more regularly. However when I hit my teens I would moan that Continue reading

Two years of being vegan

Happy veganniversary to me! Yes, I know that’s a stupid made up word but this is the internet so there are no rules.

Today marks the second anniversary since I turned vegan. It’s an arbitrary date as May 2015 was the month that I started a one month vegan challenge following an indulgent trip to Brazil that consisted of a lot of bread and even more cheese. When June rolled round I kept on going with the plant-based diet and over the next few months as I learnt more I took on the other aspects of veganism that removes all animal harm from your lifestyle, not just diet.

Fruit market in Sao Paulo, Feb 2015 (pre-vegan)

It took me a while to self-identify as a vegan, given that I knew it wasn’t a term to be bandied about lightly. So technically there will be a date slightly later in 2015 that I became ‘full vegan’ but I don’t know it so have 1 May as my veganniversary.

A lot has happened since then. I wrote about most of it on my recent two year blog-iversary including becoming an active part of the online vegan community and meeting some awesome vegans IRL as well as co-founding Ruby & Pickles  – a predominantly vegan food venture and now writing for focusing mainly on vegan issues.

I am now working on ideas for some purely vegan activities starting with a screening of Simon Amstell’s film Carnage plus a stall at Leicester Vegan Market – both next month and both with my vegan gal pal Charlie-May. These activities are all part of a drive to focus more of my life on supporting veganism which I’ll talk more about in a future post…

Image copyright: BBC

I’ve also (obviously) eaten a helluva lot of delicious vegan food and fawned over even more on Instagram. Although this past year has seen the hours I spend in the kitchen creating new dishes diminish. So I’m looking forward to getting that back up soon when I have more time on my hands as that’s what this blog was set up for just over two years ago.

I initially had plans to go today for a day of trying loads of places I haven’t been but as I slowly progress into a more freelance world I’ve had to work all day.

However, I’ve still had some pretty tasty food including a boss breakfast (one of my fave meals always), trying my hand at Dorito-coated tofu plus heaps of veg, Nakd bar testing (soz, I didn’t like the lemon drizzle one) and then finally headed to one of my fave pubs for dinner for an amazing seitan avocado burger with chunky chips – all shown below.

Here’s to many more years of veganism!

Tofu and vegetable kebabs recipe

Cassava in garlic sauce recipe

20170416_174748Cassava, yam, yucca. Call it what you want. Cover it in garlic and you have a banging tapas dish or side. This might be the simplest recipe I’ve ever written.

I had this whilst on holiday in Andalusia and was instantly in love. We didn’t even know what we were ordering as everything was in Spanish – but it was ok as they had delighted green Vs for vegan so we took a chance. Previously my only experiences with cassava had been in Indian or Caribbean style curries, Continue reading

Seitan tacos recipe

Seitan tacosAll hail seitan! One of the commonly used phrases in the modernist vegan lexicon.

Seitan is something I’ve only become familiar with the in the past year or so as it slowly begins appearing on more menus and is available in more shops. If you don’t already know seitan is wheat gluten. That might not sound so appealing but similar to tofu and tempeh it can take on all sorts of flavours and textures.  It’s commonly eaten in eastern Nepal and Tibet where plants equal power.  Continue reading